The Arcanist
Edouard Severin was useless. Happily useless.

The third son of Count Argus Severin he would not inherit the title of count nor the reins of House Barris. He was free to do what he liked with his life provided he didn't embarrass his family. And what he liked was to live in his ancient fort in the town of Breakwater, tinker with his machines and play with his magic. Life was good.

Then the city of Theria was attacked by a herd of stampeding mammoths, his older brother Marcus turned up on his doorstep in the middle of the night demanding his help, and he suddenly had to put his skills to use in investigating the crime.

Little did he know that the attack was merely the first step in a plan to seize control of the Kingdom of Therion, or that the one responsible would be a member of his own family. ...
Farkas Dániel véleménye:
Edouard egy királyi család sarja, ki sokak szerint haszontalan és semmirekellő, de mégis, mikor kérdéses eset történt a palotában, őt hivják hogy nyomozza ki, mi is történt valójában.
Árulás, szerelem, barátság, ármány.. dráma. Nem vagyok benne biztos, hogy újra előveszem.