Wielder of the Flame
On a far distant planet, a war fought with magic sends an enchanted sword hurtling through time and space to land on Earth, mysteriously linking the fates of both worlds, together. A young man named Marcus, whose only wish is to escape the bullies from school by running through a nearby park, instead stumbles upon a strange black cat that motions for him to follow it. The cat leads Marcus to an enchanted grove, wherein, at its center, lies that very sword, half-embedded in stone.

Marcus chooses to withdraw the blade and takes the first step on an unexpected but magnificent adventure that changes his life forever. He awakens to find himself in a place called Lyrridia, a realm of swords and magic. Along his path to uncover the reasons for his arrival in this new world he will make friends, fall in love, battle foes, and come face to face with his destiny....
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